With the green deal home improvement fund

Launching on the 9th June 2014, this new incentive was developed to work alongside Green Deal Finance to help you meet the upfront cost of energy efficiency improvements to your home. As a domestic energy customer you could claim up to £7600 on the cost of the work so you can have a warmer, greener home.


What is the Boiler Grant?

Mr Electric have developed a package that combines the following measures to obtain the grant:

  • Condensing Combi Boiler
  • Flue Gas Heat Recovery system

When a customer installs these 2 systems, then they are eligible for either:

  • A grant of £1000
  • A grant of £1500 if they have bought the property within the last 12 months.


What is the package?



The Ideal Logic Code provides both measures in the same case and therefore provides a good solution

for obtaining the available boiler grant.

Developed using state of the art advanced boiler technology, the Code Combi ES features a built-in stainless steel recuperator located in the flue exit, which cleverly picks up and recycles waste energy that would have normally been lost through the flue terminal.

This energy is collected and used to warm up the cold hot water supply. This supply, then flows into the plate heat exchanger, where the desired temperature is reached.



Can I choose another boiler ?

Yes, we also fit the following combinations:

  • Baxi Duotec or Platinum / Baxi Gas Saver GS1
  • VaillantEcotec Pro & Plus / Vaillant recoFLUE

These two combinations give more features than the Ideal Code and are provided as two separate units, additional costs may apply.



Can I choose another measure to go with my boiler ?

Yes, there are 12 measures in total and Mr Electric can provide the following 8 measures:

  • Condensing gas boiler (on mains gas).

  • Cavity wall insulation.

  • Floor insulation.

  • Flat roof insulation.

  • Room-in-roof insulation.

  • Replacement warm air unit.

  • Flue gas heat recovery units.

  • Waste water heat recovery system



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