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Ensure your fuseboard is up to date

Mr Electric Wolverhampton have a team of electricians covering Wolverhampton, Walsall, Telford and surrounding area if you have any queires about your fuseboard give our friendly team a call who will gladly asisst you.

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Your fuseboard is the heart of the electrical installation in your home. If the fuses look old, the fusebox is brown or it’s an old plastic model, you may well need to install a new one. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Was your property built after 1990?
  • Has your property been rewired within the last 10 years?
  • Does your current fusebox have a residual current device (RCD)?

If the answer to these questions is no, then you probably need a new fuseboard (consumer unit). At Mr Electric were are NICEIC approved and Which Trusted Traders we will be able to come and assess your fuseboard free of charge, to let you know whether it is safe or not. If you do need a new fuseboard, we will talk you through the process and leave you a fixed price.

Install and test your residual-current devices (RCDs)

What is a residual-current device (RCD)?

An RCD is a safety device that helps protect against electric shock or fire by interrupting the flow of electricity when it detects a fault. RCDs are very sensitive and should be installed on your fuseboard to provide the greatest protection. You can also find RCD switches on sockets, as well as on portable devices that can be plugged into standard sockets.

Fitting RCDs into fuseboards across all circuits has been part of the UK safety standard since 2008. Current regulations say all socket outlets should be covered by a 30amp RCD. If you’ve got any installations outside or in the bathroom, an RCD is essential. If you don’t have one on the circuit when you’re using a lawnmower or other electrical products outside, ensure there's an RCD on the flex cable to protect you if the cable is accidentally cut.

If your wiring was installed before 2008, or has not been checked recently, it’s worth getting a qualified electrician in to ensure you have the necessary RCDs on your circuits. Call us on 01902 290599

Testing your RCDs

You should test your RCDs yourself regularly.

Trader tip: Mr Electric says: ‘The advice used to be to test once a quarter, but now we’d say test your RCD’s monthly, because they can fail if the contacts seize up and won’t open. '

  • Press the button marked 'T' on the device.
  • If it doesn’t automatically switch to the off position, you need to get a qualified electrician to check it.